Origin of Iamoe

“My dream was to find an area where plants and animals can be free of human aggression resulting from various actions. In addition, people, regardless of ethnicity or creed, could share their dreams, ideals and open dialogues and networks of interaction and cooperation. Walk together, protected by the rich biodiversity that the forest offers, under the only legacy of the land called the Amazon. 20 years ago, after several observations and consultations with local groups, 50 hectares was purchased from a woman from Quito who was selling her land. Thus came the IAMOE center (name in Huaorani of the Harpia harpyja eagle amazonica)”

Why Visit Us ?

IAMOE Center allows to connect with nature, in addition to interacting with the communities of the area, learning the ancestral knowledge of them. We want people to self-discover themselves, through the development of energetic movements and also through the development of scientific studies on a global scale, finally we want to offer the resources of nature in a responsible way.

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The IAMOE Center has the capacity to house 18 people in 6 wooden cabins; all cabins have running water for shower and baths, and are equipped with mosquito nets

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IAMOE Center, A Hidden Paradise in the Ecuadorian Rainforest