About Us


The IAMOE Center is a place where you learn to enjoy and respect cultural and natural resources; resources that must be cared for by the present generations, to guarantee the survival of species and nature for the future generations.


To discover that we are able to integrate into the Amazon forest, without altering the biodiversity present so that we can experience the harmony of thousands of years of the natural rhythm of human life and landscape.
To offer IAMOE Centre facilities, professional advice, courses and guidance to national and international researchers, visitors and volunteers.
Integrate the different communities and human groups that reside in the forest (Huaorani, Quichua, Shuar and Mestizo - who are our neighbors) to work in the community for the benefit of all and the surrounding natural landscape.


Our daughter (Michelle), son (Sebastian) and grand-daughter (Eva) have all visited the centre and been able to enjoy what it and nature can offer. From meeting the indigenous people to encountering some of the most amazing creatures in the world, I work for the success of Iamoe so future generations will have the ability to experience what I and my family have.



More than 30 years of field work and research experience. Rocίo has worked hard to acquire IAMOE Centre to help protect the rainforest and save the ancestral knowledge and supporting the local people around the centre and in other regions. She specializes in subjects relating to healing ceremonies and master plants; plants as a food and medicine and the art of weaving with natural fibers from plants to produce tools and useful items.


Building and security manager at IAMOE center
He is a former Ecuadorian Marine specializing in Special Operations and Jungle Warfare. His experience developed after his training tour in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle, he thought the skills to use the resources of the rainforest for survival, but also, learned to love and respect the nature of this very beautiful environment. He works with the local hunters learning about poison plants and snakes and helps to protect and preserve the rainforest.


Co-director at Iamoe center: in charge of edition of scientific publications, papers and scientific advice.
She has a Master's Degree in Archaeology from the Cambridge University, and specialized in iconography and art and its relationship with the uses of hallucinogen plants in ancient South America.


Marketing advisor for IAMOE Centre
MSC in Sustainable management of natural resources, Leicester University. He is experienced tourist guide in Amazonian forest and mountains. Contact with local communities across the country for extreme activities (waterfall jumping, zip line canopy, canoeing, etc.).

Eva Sol Sin Chan Viteri

(Michelle's daughter)
She is the youngest member of the IAMOE Centre team. She loves nature, especially in IAMOE. She adores capybaras, tapirs and many other animals. She usually teaches English to the local children.

Erika Olmedo (MsC)

Administration and experience in contact with local people in marketing the handicrafts and other products.

Ramon Chavez

He lives in the Center and is responsible for maintenance of trails, infrastructure in general and gardens, at IAMOE Center.

Gabriel Andi

He is from the Quichua nationality from the region.
Knowledge in plants names and uses. He is an expert in the ecosystem, local names and uses of plants and animals. He collaborates with the center as a local guide and caring the forest and gardens.


Ancestral Teacher
He is from the Wuaorane nationality. Invaluable knowledge in the art of doing blowguns and spares. One of the last Master in the way of preparing curare for the dares of the blowguns. He collaborates with the center teaching to the local children and teaching uses of plants in the forest.



Co-founder Sage Mountain Herbs
Rosemary Gladstar is an American herbalist. She began her work in herbalism in California, and she founded the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, California, the first herbal school in California, in 1978. Rosemary helped found the Northeast Herb Association in 1991. She is the co-founder of the International Herb Symposium and the director of The New England Women's Herbal Conference.


Technical advisor for Iamoe Center.
Dr Jose M Prieto (PhD.) is a Pharmacist, working as Lecturer in Pharmacognosy at the UCL School of Pharmacy, London where he is the Director of the Master in Medicinal Natural Products and Phytochemsitry. His research focuses on elucidating the effects of medicinal plants and natural products on skin conditions (inflammation and cancer), Herb-Drug Interactions and the application of advanced techniques (Direct NMR, Artificial Intelligence) to the analysis and biological effects of complex natural products. He supervised more than 10 PhDs and authored more than 50 original papers.


Forestry Engineer
He is lecturer at Ibarra University in Ibarra Ecuador I have discovered 300 new plant species for science. He is in charge of leading the taxonomy and research of forestry at the center.