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The one hundred hectares of IAMOE Centre is a private land, that is located in the North-eastern Ecuadorian Amazon region and it is also part of the buffer zone for Yasunί National Park.



Airlines provide flights from Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport, to Coca City. Flight time is about 35 minutes. Going to IAMOE Centre from Coca takes one hour and 30 minutes of land transportation by car or bus. Buses passing through IAMOE Centre depart from Coca's old Terrestrial Terminal take the route to "Via El Pindo", it will take you to IAMOE Centre; frequent departures are available from 10 AM to the last one at 5 PM. Alternatively, traveling from Quito to IAMOE Centre by car, takes about 8 hours. The road is paved from Quito to Dayuma Town, and from this point, some 25 km are off-road to the IAMOE Centre.