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Is a native tree of the Ecuadorian Amazon, with a thick crown, bright leaves and white flowers. The leaves have a sweet and spicy taste and a cinnamon-like odour and it’s fruits sit on a dome shaped hat. The uses are varied among the different ethnic groups of the Amazon. The leaves are used both fresh and dried in a number of preparations: salad, aromatic teas for different conditions like gastric ulcers, intestinal infections and hot baths, etc.. This is an emblematic species for the Ecuadorian people, as it is  a spiritual plant used during the remembrance of the dead in November.

Price: 10 USD per bag of 115g.



Ishpingo,  Ocotea quixos

250 small trees have been planted in deforested areas around Iamoe to date, only 22 of the total have died. We have 228 baby trees, they are two and three years old. The trees have been planted in different spaces with different environmental variables, in order to learn and understand their requirements for their right development.