Rescue of botanical species in risk

Several Amazonian plant species are at risk for various reasons, we are working to rescue some of them in different ways.

Orchids garden

When a tree is knocked down, thousands of species die alongside the tree. Orchids are part of this heartbreaking drama. This space has been created based on the idea of rescuing the orchids that fall when the host trees are cut. This work is still carried out with the local people and volunteer friends, who believe in the value of the rescue of species that must live.

There are several species that have become part of the Iamoe family.

One of the species at risk is Ishpingo,  Ocotea quixos

250 small trees have been planted in deforested areas around Iamoe to date, only 22 of the total have died. We have 228 baby trees, they are two and three years old. The trees have been planted in different spaces with different environmental variables, in order to learn and understand their requirements for their right development.

Amazonian cocoa Theobroma cacao

In 2012, six years ago, 400 saplings of the so-called Amazon cacao were planted. The idea was to reintroduce to the zone the cocoa that is typical of this region and therefore redevelop a different variety than the one from Mesoamerica. There are 375 small trees that have survived and are in production. Each year they produced an average of 120 pounds of rich seeds.

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